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Hear and Blend the Alphabet

Our iPad app that lets children practice hearing sounds and blending them together to make words. This skill, the foundation of reading, is made so simple and clear that children as young as three an four can easily learn it. Letters sounds are pronounced as letters appear below three pictures. Children blend these sounds together and then pick the picture that stands for that word.

Research has shown that children with reading difficulties use the wrong part of their brains while reading. Hear and Blend the Alphabet will ensure your child begins their path to reading by using the correct area of their brain.

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Sounds Have Letters Series

Let’s children practice hearing sounds within words and identifying the letter that spells each sound. This app will prepare children both for reading and spelling. Research has shown that teaching children to spell by hearing sounds in words and connecting those sounds to letters is actually more effect for teaching reading than is the same amount of time spent teaching reading with the reverse method of seeing letters and converting them to sounds.

Sounds Have Letter Teams Series


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